Enough with the geek life


I live in THE geek world
See a long time ago I was pretty sure I was meant to be a doctor- very very sure. I was more idealistic then.

Vivacioushy is a 24 (sic) year-old entrepreneur and writer from Kakamega, Kenya.She is the founder of Cynod Consultants which endevours to promote female entrepreneurs who need to align their strategies and Twitter account that’s merging pop culture with inspiration. The Daily Love inspires almost 500 people a day.

Here I am now surrounded by the greatest software minds. I loudly call them geniuses lest it gives them a big head. I have no idea about computer. BA (BAba ALinituma) teaches hard knock stuff.

This is a culture shock to me. No easy life hear. You work till the system sings (if ever). This is a breed of exceptional minds, hardworkers that give me a reason to investigate and learn.

Day by day, I become one of them *shudders*

For more information, follow me on twitter @vivacioushy or email me:


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I think the geek world will eventually rule the world. they are smart, innovative, brave to make a change. They are the next generation of superheroes ( the mind is a powerful thing!). thanks for the comment.

  2. Loving your blog 🙂

  3. @Shekyn, thanks. I feel humbled that you visited

  4. @ the island traveller, to the geeks of the world….may you live to conquer

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