Enough with the geek life

Say a little prayer…

They say when someone or something keeps nagging at your brain, stop everything you’re doing and say a little prayer. You’ll find you’re the only one who might save them or who thinks about them.

Sometimes on Monday last week a thought or a memory crossed my mind. It was about a friend of mine I haven’t seen in over a year. I hadn’t thought of him or seen. Like all other thoughts it was overtaken by events and I totally forgot about it. Then a song he used to like, then I read a comment of somewhere he used to work….this must be a sign. Did I miss him this much?

So I reported to work that day. My workmate started telling me a similar story about his friend who had been in an accident a while back. So his advise was whenever you ‘miss’ someone or someone stays on your mind simply say “God bless (name), let him be happy’.

I followed the instructions. I said that short prayer every time I thought of him. Then on Friday I receive an email with a strange address. Most of the time I just delete them and forget it. This time I thought of reading it. It is Friday after all.

It was from a friend who knew Alex, my long lost friend. In the email he said Alex had been robbed and had been airlifted to Kenya. Down below was his email and phone contact. Maybe , maybe not…I thought of all the ‘West African’ prince stories I’d read.

I called the number and Alex promptly answered. He was in Nairobi hospital being ‘pumped’ or something like that. So here’s the story. He had been posted to Uganda recently for work. So on Monday , panic attack, he went out partying with hid friends. They went back to his place later in the night for some arrangement. That’s the last he remembers. He was found three days later, unconscious in bed. Most of hid electronics, phones, laptops had been stolen. Then he says of all the people, its only my email address he could remember. He gave me the responsibility to inform his least that answers the why me part. He had a bump around his eye as though he was in a scuffle.

As of Saturday morning he is doing well with everyone he loves around the day. Today, anytime you ‘miss’ or think of someone, say a little prayer for them. You’re part of their spiritual support system. When people tell you they miss you, after you’ve told them you miss them too et al, request them to be part of your ‘angels’ by saying a little prayer for you.
God bless all my readers, let them be happy.


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