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MBA Proposal Presentations

After a year and a half of going to class, there comes a time when you have to prove to ‘learned friends’ that you’re capable to go out there and add to the knowledge base. This is more like go read, read…..and figure things out. <!–more–>.

I was in a rush to start off with my proposal. The highs and lows are kept aside for another day. Then yesterday I had the pleasure to present or defend my proposal. This is the most nerve wrecking thing I have ever done. On two occasions, I nearly walked out and forget the whole thing. Thank God for my seat mate, she forced me to present no matter what since the 30th deadline is just around the corner.

Before this presentation I had no idea what it entails. I did not find time to go and attend any presentations so I was clueless since even my supervisor is out of the country. Talk about being ‘lost’ with no dad to hold your hand. I would never wish the same feelings to happen to anyone so I will give you an insight on what goes on in presentations.


Please take your time to make sure your proposal (hard copy) is presentable. This includes formatting, spelling mistakes, and the size of the document. The MBA proposal guideline is online for everyone to see.

A week before your presentation, spare sometime and attend one of the presentations. This helps to gauge your panel and also the standards set by the other students. Attend one presentation from all the fields for comparison. I would recommend someone to attend presentations done by ‘operations’ students since the panel is very insightful.

Without further ado, here is the feedback from the seven or so students who presented with me:

General Comments:

  • The citations will be ten years old or less.
  • Include a list of abbreviations
  • The references should be chronological e.g. Start quoting 2000, 2001…2013
  • The proposal will be 20 pages (plus or minus 2) . 20 pages including references.
  • The document is too scanty
  • Add an appendix for the the list of *commercial banks in Kenya.
  • Make sure the citations can be retrieved online or there is a book for it that someone can refer to.
  • Ensure all the tense is either present (is) or present continuous tense (will be) through out the document.
  • Avoid unnecessary information(wordiness)


  • Ensure the title page is formatted as per the university guidelines.
  • Confirm there are no errors or poor format



  • The background is should be as informative as possible
  • Clearly define the words used in your topic (factors, challenges, influence, commercial banks, insurance, strategy, implementation, performance….)


  • Clearly outline the indicators
  • Ensure the wording is relevant to the topic.
  • Ensure the words (influence/adopt/establish/performance) are consistent through out the document
Problem Statement

  • This section needs 3 theoretical text books, 3 projects and journals-3 empirical studies
  • Also an outline how the studies relate to the topic
  • 3 studies done in Kenya or Africa on the same and their findings and how they relate to the study
  • Justify why you are studying *your concept( insurance/banks/school)
  • Why did you choose *your concept¬† (with regards to the sector or industry)
  • Compare and this study with other studies done in the sector, industry, county or region.
  • Mention how you expect your study to be different from all the other studies that are 10 years or less)

Value of the study
Only deal with the relevant beneficiaries

Literature review

  • The underpinning of the literature should relate to the topic.
  • Summary of the chapter to explain any gaps, lessons and how it relates to the problem, objectives and study


Research Design

  • The research design should be related to your anticipated study and results.
  • Did any of the researchers from the previous chapters use the survey.
  • What were their findings?
  • Which other methods were used in previous studies .

Data collection

  • Clearly outline how you went about the collection. Pretest, reliability tests, email/mail/ dropping.

Data analysis

  • Data analysis of open ended and closed ended
  • The analysis should be related to a survey.
  • Open ended- how was this prepared, analysed, represented for findings

Once your proposal has been approved, you will be asked to move to chapter 4 and 5.


Check the tense to be past tense


Check the tense to be future tense.
FYI I passed.

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