Enough with the geek life

Word has it that…

For the weekly challenge, wordpress is encouraging everyone to share their own virtual relationships or how the internet has fostered a relationship that you never thought was possible.Let’s just say my life is a confused ball of fire when it comes on the internet and relationships. By a click of a button I can talk to whomever I want unless they are in a land so far far away that they need to walk twenty kilometers, climb a mountain, climb a tree and then start searching for network or internet. So the internet and its sister the mobile has helped me take relationships for granted. There’s no need for girlie lunches, parent and family meetings or even chama meetings. All I need is a group, dump there all my ideas and humour and viola we have a conference/group chat.

Word has it that technology is an onset of a new religion. This is the instant religion. In this religion, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the dark continent, first world or second world…you have equal opportunities. It means deepen within we are playing from an even ground.

Do you know what this means spiritually? It means we are open to western and eastern ideas and concepts. We have a choice to the kind of reality we want to be exposed to. We can easily access sports channels, movies,cartoon, nature shows and even news. People have choices now.

What this also means is that we can easily start afresh as long as we make a choice. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, as long as you covet a Samsung S4, you fundraise and upgrade from you mulika mwizi to a super smart phone. Yeah…that’s what’s up. At the click of a button you’ll read everything you want, watch TV, copy paste your homework and keep up with the kardashians. So all that has changed from say ten years ago when we has reverse call, ugly newspapers, dusty libraries and dates at Kenya Cinema. What this means to you as an individual is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. As long as you can covet or visualize your new life, you can transform your life in a blink of an eye.

Don’t let people guilt trip you on things you did in your past. Leave those people stay in your past. Wake up, create the future you deserve.

You know I get so mad when a friend or foe walks up to me and beats themselves about something they did in the past. They were suspended from school, they were addicted to drugs, they love animals(oops) because deep down I know when they set their mind on something, they’ll achieve it. I’m not sure whether its a pity party or its a habit we have unconsciously developed. Don’t let your brain or people around you stop you from being happy. Everything is possible with the help of God and a strong will power.

Preach preacher….


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