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How Much is too Much?

I’m reading a copy of Passion for Life dated 2012 whose main theme was boundaries.remember how we talked about shadows and shadow work?

Ooops! You don’t remember? Now there is this thing that says anything that makes you extremely angry or happy is a dark shadow or golden shadow respectively and you need to embrace it in a ‘shadow work’.

In this magazine it seems that there are things that anger, nauseate partners in and out of romantic relationships.

One journalist is angry that there are guys who demand for public attention in the sense that a girl in a relationship will make sure she straddles the boyfriend, licks he finger to wipe particles from the boyfriend’s lips, calls the boyfriend a sexy what not, she’s engrossed in a continuous session of dancing tongues and saliva swapping. This is what she calls ‘public demand of attention’ which on one hand shows insecurity in the woman but I also think the journalist should get involved in serious ‘shadow work’ of herself.

Then there is an article on secrets men hide from their wives. One guy has a seven year old son with the sister in law, another guy hates the wife’s underwear while another guy lied to all the people in his life that the wife is the aunt.

The best one was the guy who hates the wife who shares every walking moment of their married life with friends, family, strangers on all the social media sites.

So I was laughing it off. I don’t think its ever that serious. Then a friend tells me that she has a friend who pokes, tags and updates everything on Facebook. Then one day on a guy walked to her and told her name, where she’s been hanging, all her bffs and everything she had posted on Facebook.

How far is too far, how much is too much when it comes to relationships and social media? How do you tell your partner that you pleasure privacy and secrecy? How do you tell your friend not to tag you in ridiculous photos? Would you break up with someone who has boundary issues?


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