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When saying ‘Good Morning’ has no meaning…

Today I met an old colleague from a company I once worked with many years ago and she reminded me how fiery I was then.I had the impatience of a newbie. I wanted things done and I wanted them done now. I was impatient with the old folks. I got impatient with the cranky stuff. So one day, out of burn out I decided to quit.

See the company was undergoing a financial strain phase. We hadn’t been paid in two to three months. Everyone was demotivated. It was difficult to use general niceties with anyone. Can you imagine someone who has a new baby, has rent arrears for about a month or two, had to walk a few kilometers to get home, is famished and then you find the energy to ask “How are you doing?” if you’re lucky, they’ll share all their feelings and it will be a problem shared. Most of the time the groan back and say fine.

With every day the light at the end of the tunnel was getting dimmer by day. By then even my ulcers had found a way to heal considering our medical insurance had long expired. I was accustomed to the harsh conditions. For sometime now I would tell my friend that our salary has delayed….again…and they would ask “how do you survive?” that’s the second hardest question I’ve ever had to answer close to “tell us about yourself” usually you just shrug because you have no idea how to survive.

So one time, a colleague went to ask the human resource manager how we will pay our bills and he said that he was lucky to be married because there was someone to lean on. By then I was as single as a church mouse….side bar….how do mice mate? Do they date? Do they copulate? …..I was as mysterious as a church mouse. No financial shoulder or pillow to lean on. Being the oldest in the family, getting finances from the family members is an African proverb. I was left with God and. Life. I chose life and I chose God. Tough times require touch choices

So this is the plan. Since I needed about ten to fifteen thousand to take care of my fixed costs, that was my priority. For food…bananas come in handy anytime your stomach groans. Let me just say fruits are vital at this juncture. The beauty is that you manage to gain that figure that you’ve always prayed for. Then comes to impression. People hate ugly people. When you’re broke you’re almost ugly. To be safe make sure the face never loses its lustre. Think happy thoughts to preserve your hair, face and eyes.

The best thing about the company is that they had unlimited internet. After the long walk to work, the number one activity on your to do list is send in job applications. I must have applied to over 500 jobs with an average of ten jobs a day five days a week….and finally that one job came along. That was it. No looking back.

It’s been a long time now. Seeing my ex-colleague brought back memories I never want to revisit. People say that tough times make you stronger. The best thing from that experience was I learnt to fight for ‘ME’. I vowed I would put me first in all circumstances. I also learnt that only God can save you. He’ll work through His children and His angels, but he’ll be there for you. Giving you signals, signs, holding you up, wiping your tears and whispering in your ear.

Kuteseka ni kwa muda- tribulations are temporary.

If you’re in a difficult situation just know someone bigger, stronger, wiser is moving things around for you. Once it’s all over, it will all make sense. You’ll be able to piece together the puzzle.


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2 thoughts on “When saying ‘Good Morning’ has no meaning…

  1. Kuteseka ni kwa muda as you said. Am glad the Lord saw you through those tough times. And you are a stronger person for it. As its said perseverance builds character.

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