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Deep Sea Diving Into Social Media

Two months now i’ve had an adrenaline free job. I’ve now dealt with the panic attacks and I’m slowly learning how to manage day dreaming.Since I’m through with my school project I have time to earn from the social media. It’s a bit bizarre that as I grow older I have very little to share with people I find online. I grunt through conversations or at best I try to add exclamamtion marks, emitcons or the famous abbreviations LOL, LMAO while I’m seated there with the expression of a rock.

When a friend talked to me about doing online public relations for him, I was more than excited. He wanted traffic to his website and if possible to his newly opened shop along Mombasa. In my mind I saw it as free cash since all I envisioned was tweeting, facebooking or blogging all day for cash.

I came up with a strategy and send him the targets I expected in the first week. I’d have so many followers on twitter and the blog and this many like on Facebook. Then I would post to the various ‘sokos’ on Facebook. Easy peasy…how wrong I was.

In the first week I concentrated on gaining traffic to twitter and Facebook. This was an uphill task. The followers on twitter are as undecided as anything you can imagine. The follow and unfollow as they feel. They also have foul mouths on them. On Facebook, there is still fear of friending strangers which slows sown everything since I need to gain followers. On the ‘soko’ I need a commodity to pull crowds. Something people can comment on. I also need to keep the group/page active. By the end of week one, I was nowhere close to my targets. Working as a social media marketer is crazy.

In the second week, I had observed the way other corporates attract and retain crowds. They post motivational quotes, they make sure they keep you updated with information on goods and products and where possible they include photos. So I started gaining followers with this, and also feeback. However, I was nowhere close to some of our presidential lesders’ numbers of millions or trillions. I was still at less than one hundred. In the new office, we had decided every customer will state where they heard about the shop and try to put a figure to the whole social media thing. I was still at zero. Our influence was not generating any income.

By week three, I was tagging ‘big wigs’ in my social media conversations. Something that I detest but for the sake of bread and butter someone is allowed to sell their heart and soul to the devil. As much as we were in our third week, it felt like I was fighting a losing battle and was desperate to make friends that I can direct to the office. I needed the commission and also to feed the ego.

When I heard of the online marketing seminar, it was like a prayer answered. To my dismay, they wanted me to pay about three thousand in order get a software that is similar to network marketing or the pyramid scheme way of business. Invite one and they invite someone else until you come full circle. So I had to include network marketing in my social media. When you go to the shop or office on Mombasa road you are legible to a discount the first time, when you come back the second time or refer the shop to someone you get a bigger discount. Still minimal results.

So I had to back to google high school for tips on how to garner my commission by end month. Scrolling through the social media, I realized that most individuals with numbers had already established their name in the market or had established themselves as pro bullies. This leaves me with only one option- to turn into a bully. These guys would insult and ridicule anyone and everyone for the sake of retweets. Which means their pages and twitter TLs are crowded by very rude friends who are bashing musicians, sportsmen, political leaders, radio personalities or even their own friends. In addition, they also find pride in being perverts. They’ll call each other lady parts, share photos of people (their friends) engaging in sexual acts or brag about their conquest.

Which led me to wonder how I would gain influence in a clean way. I got a few pointers including; timing-make sure that you know when to post your information online so that you reach your target, zero in on one area of knowledge that you can share with your target, ensure that you know the social media your target uses, build trust and confidence among your targets in that they can respect what you are telling them and also ensure that you are relevant. So I’m back to the drawing board to ensure that these tips are on board.

Along the way I realized that cyber bullying is rife in Kenya. It seems like cyber bullying is the short cut to being influential in Kenya. Recently a tourist and musician was bullied on twitter because he had taken too long to travel back home after his performance, then there was a musician but the most bullying happened during the political campaigns and elections. There is no training or legislation to manage this bullying and yet it is about to explode.

Like they say when you want to stop poverty you learn how to create wealth. I want to build influence on social media without bullying so I will learn how to run a ‘clean campaign’.

I’ll keep you updated on my new job.

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Be wheedle this week….


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