Enough with the geek life

Beware of what you wish for….

I’m one of those people…who lose interest very fast. Those people who always seem to be in adventure mode. Not really go lucky and go happy kind of adventure, but the when, where, why, how adventure.

So recently I ‘created’ the law of attraction to me. I’ve put created in quotes because before you read the magic, the power and the secret, you assume you’re just a human form floating by with things happening around and to you. Then you realize most of the things around you are your creations; more like teaching you to take responsibility of your life and your actions. This of course does not include natural things like el nino, tsunami, drought, death or those diseases we cannot explain.

I once read somewhere that we are not allowed to complain because the stuff we currently ‘have’ in the sense that our relationships, wealth, health, feelings and dreams are things that we once prayed for or worked hard for. This is in line with the law of attractions. Like everything else there are miracles or prayers that come later in life when the time is right and there are miracles that come instantly and we immediately recognize them and celebrate.

So for about a year and half I have been whining about my previous job. The clients, the supervisors, the pay, the hours….the whining is endless. I had been in the company for over three years so you can imagine. I realized I had become a perpetual whiner when I met a random friend and she asked ‘are you still at that stuffy job’ and I wondered, did I sound that nagging?

Anyway, back to the law of attractions and be glad your prayers have been answered. Before I joined the geeks, I was in three different companies. So recently I was cleaning out my closet and came across a journal I had written a while back. It is very scary to read your writings from before especially if you still sound the same like five years later, and not in a good way. In the journal I had written why I liked working at the bank at that time. The like section was very short but the dislike section had everything and anything ranging from crazy working hours, the structure was too suffocating, the guys I was working with were too old, I wanted more money and there was a scary lady who wore too much make up and sort of scowled at me whenever I rushed to work a bit late. So I decided to do prepare a review of the geeky company against the bank. On the like side I had young workmates, good salary, flexible working hours, no scary woman, organic structure and a cool supervisor. On the dislike side I had delays in payments, job insecurity, lack of a career plan on my side, redundancy, leaky roof among others. So now all my prayers from the bank had been answered but now I had a new set of demands without recognizing the previous prayers.

To an extend I thought of myself as too unappreciative or needy or too ambitious.

I’ve realized this happens in other aspects of our lives too. You fast and pray for a loving boyfriend who is faithful, tall, dark and handsome, who has a nice mum and know how to dance. Then he comes along; instead of crossing off from your list what you asked for you start screaming that you want a man whom women won’t stare at, or is not a mamas boy when it was right there in your request to God.

Today is the day when we won’t ask for anything. We will simply say thank you and one by one take an inventory of our blessings in every area of our life. Relationships, health, money, vision, other things in life that we don’t recognize. We need to take stock and realize everything we have now was a fervent prayer a long time ago. Cross off from your big list of demands what you’ve achieved so far and be grateful.

It’s only when we recognize what we have now that we are able to work towards a better and brighter tomorrow.


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