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zzzzzzz….no idea….

I bumped into some material that I have to confess I am unable to comprehend.After my reading on shadows and all that good stuff I clicked on a few tempting some that led to me articles on energy and chakras. This reminds me of those programmes on TV about angels, wizards and all their enemies. The name chakra came coming up and the more I read about it the more I’m lost.

I’ll copy paste here a few paragraphs and anyone who can ‘humanly’ translate feel free to comment:

First chakra of the human body: roots and stability, symbolized by the color red. Third chakra: administration of personal power and choice, Represented by the color yellow – the “sun” – the body’s solar connection. Fifth chakra: communication, the color blue. These energies are the foundation, the building blocks, the root essence of a person: stand, choose, communicate. Then come the bridge tones.

The “odd” numbers of the human chakra system represent the form and the function. The “even” numbers represent “feeling.” To be complete, each person needs to integrate form, function, and feeling. Three dimensions of experience. Without feeling, without the mixing and mingling of the “basics,” life becomes dull and flat. It becomes two-dimensional.

The second chakra is symbolized by the color orange. To make orange, we mix red and yellow. Orange is a bridge tone that connects our roots with our ability to choose. This chakra is frequently referred to as the “sex chakra.” It is also the home of theinner child energy for a person. It is a connection point between primal instinct and individual human will.

The fourth chakra is symbolized by the color green. To get green, you must mix yellow and blue. We call this the “heart center” of the body. It is the home of love and fellowship. It is also the administration point between mind and emotion. During these times of high transition in the world, the heart center has become a primary cauldron for mixing and mingling third dimensional energies and the Multiverse. We will talk more about that later.

ONE OF THE HARDEST lessons to learn during times of rapid transformation is the realization that there are no mistakes, no errors, in how your life is designed and contracted, or how it has unfolded to date. Everything is the way it was supposed to be.

I got this from The Reconnections. Just in case one or two of you is extra curious.


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2 thoughts on “zzzzzzz….no idea….

  1. Watch the last installation of The last airbender, you will understand about Chakras. They are basically those inner energies you possess that connects you with your being, making you whole.

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