Enough with the geek life

Adrenaline Junkie in Rehab…

What am I thinking..
This week I’ve been lambasted with culture shock. I always assumed I’m flexible and malleable in all environmentsuntil this week begun. I visited an office where people know how to balance work and life. You get there in the morning and someone is leisurely reading a newspaper or filling in a crossword puzzle. It gets to midday and they have now decided to analyze the sports page. It gets to three and they start packing. All along I’m seated there anticipating for something ER like to happen.
So at three they encourage me to finish up….finish up on what? I didn’t do anything. How am I supposed to just go home. If I was to report on my daily progress, what would I say?
See, I’ve been ‘customized’ to work in an adrenaline charged environment. Everything is always urgent,priorities are replaced at the turn of the clock. From the moment I wake up I start to figure how i’ll face my day. Will I be a Rudisha, will I be Kofi Annan all diplomatic and wide, will I be Mother Teresa all caring and considerate, will I be Obama oozing of charm. This means that when I land in the office my attitude has been adjusted accordingly. I’m accountable, I’m all up in the air, I’m running and screaming then…its ten o’clock in the evening (night) and I have to go back and recharge (read restrategize).
Here I am on Friday when all I had to be was me. Figure out what I love to do and do it then go home….or somewhere. Culture shock….now I know how foreigners feel when they vacation at the coast. Its like a load has been lifted from your shoulder, you’re in touch with all your senses and really grateful for it.
I toast to culture shock as I await going back to the animal farm on Monday.

How I’m feeling….
I have a migraine from being too ‘idle’. I’m not used too thinking for myself. Its all about everyone else but now I have to figure out the 5W and actually think about life…which is usually not the best thing. Its as though I’m an adrenaline junkie who’s gone to the rehab. I’m twitchie and I get nervous attacks every few minutes. I crave adrenaline every few minutes. That’s why I managed to complete my proposal in less than a week. No copy paste this time. I do a paragraph, think about it and add more intellectual stuff. No wonder my lecturer was looking at me as though I’m crazy and he kept on asking whether I would be travelling soon. I feel like I need to accomplish something. I feel like there’s something I haven’t done and I need to work. I keep refreshing emails and replaying you tube video. This feeling is alien to me. Then I started using my right brain that is all about being subjective and mushy. This is the world I live in.

What I’ve been up to….
In my desperation to do something I finished my proposal with a thousand and one amendments from the supervisor. I managed to journal for five days without feeling like I’m wasting my time (read I have better things to do). I managed to bump into awesome websites and videos. I finally perused the (kenyan) daily post, now I understand how or why someone would be an administrator there. The daily post is so hilarious, shocking, empty, informative, gutter as anything can get. I still have missed reactions. Then when you go to the secret website to the gifts there is a part for visualization tools. Check out the videos.

I also bumped into the Achievers website. They offer all the recruitment related services but when they send me the quotes I nearly slapped myself. Being the adventorous I will follow up and see whether I can make any recommendations. If you’ve worked with them before let me know how it felt; your experience and recommendations.

I managed to watch Dallas which is an amazing series for all age groups.

Then I had all the time to keep up with Hon. Mutula’s family. I hope they keep well and as the grandson said ” Mutula…my grandfather….he will always be in our body, our soul, our minds….” and we will miss him dearly. At the end of the day its all about the life in your years and Hon. Mutula knew how to make every second count. RIP.

Whoa, the number of online and part time jobs in Kenya is amazing. I’ve managed to apply to some and hopefully they’ll amount to something.

Now I need to buy books. Watch out for an update on all book and movie reviews. I’m on fire…I think.

Fabulous weekend.


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