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An article, a verb and a noun- The Dancing Monkey

What am I thinking….
It’s Friday! that’s a good thing, right? YES. With this kind of Nairobi weather, can we call it autumn(sic). May be….
The word press blog suggests that I ask someone to give me an article, a verb and a noun and write about it. SO I’ve been roaming all day trying to figure out who this someone is and whether they will take my question seriously. So out of the blues I ask someone and they tell me ‘The Dancing Monkey’. Clearly, he didn’t take my question seriously because of one thousand and one reasons. Talking of monkeys…there are baby monkeys that reside in a forest near my house. Every morning I would wake up to go and water my flowers and find they have been destroyed. You would think there is some sort of post election violence in that area. I could also tell that whoever destroyed my flowers is watching….until one day I saw a monkey jumping all over in excitement. This must be his victory dance. So yes, I have seen a monkey dance and in that instance we had a love-hate relationship because s/he had destroyed my flowers and now s/he was dancing and staring at me.

What am I feeling…
The level of being mean in the country has really risen. People are very mean I tell. I log into facebook and am bombarded by snide remarks on very saddening issues like death, accidents and loss. It seems that instead of saying I don’t care, all you have to say is ‘accept and move on’. Like there is this president who was scratched by a cheetah. This was posted on Facebook. Now going through the comments all I can do is shake my head. To name but a few are ‘…he should know cheetahs…cheetah is not a pet…accept and move on…’. If we were in developed countries, I’m sure someone would recommend counseling but since this is Kenya maybe I need to accept and move.

What am I reading?
This should be rephrased to be what am I watching? In about a month I have managed to watch The following, Cracked, Greys Anatomy (Sn1-9), Carries Diaries, Downton Abbey, Parental Guidance, deception and Homeland.

All I can say is that The following is like a 9/10 the 1/10 being in the blood and stabbing wounds. I feel part of cult already and I can’t wait for second season. Cracked is a 4/10 considering the lead person doesn’t do anything significant but the boss keeps on insisting he’s the best in the department. So far he’s only shot two guys and yet they are with hunting him. He’s not a powerful character. I won’t talk about Grey’s Anatomy since I’m in love with everyone in there. Downtown Abbey is probably the first English movie I have enjoyed. Carrie Diaries is clearly for babies so I won’t be watching that. Parental Guidance is hilarious.

I haven’t managed to read anything except the magic since it has homework.

Please share any other series/movies I can watch.

New Discoveries,
Sometimes it feels great to be away from work. It makes you see the town when it’s all calm. I discovered a new place to deal with all my Blackberry issues . Although it’s still in progress in terms of interior design, your smart phone will be in tip top shape in a very short time.
Then there is The Circle that wants to give The Mingle and Cheza competition. I like competition, it always favours the clients. Now my eyes are wide open for where I will be favoured the most.
Then I went to visit my old friend HELB since their IT team are unable to reset my password. It’s been so many years and my loan balance seems to be growing by now. I had hoped I would have a balance of about 10k but shock on me; along the years I’ve incurred penalties and interest accrued that seems to be increasing my balance by day. While I was there, I noticed there are guys applying for loans probably for the next academic year. Should I be happy for them? Probably…

That’s my week…


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