Enough with the geek life

The Silver Lining

How am I feeling?

I read my horoscope mostly for fun; Mostly to lighten my mood. I won’t say anymore lest I offend someone. Anyway, my horoscope keeps on telling me that I’m scared of being vulnerable and all that yada yada…and at some point I start believing such stuff.

Anyway…happy new year, happy birthday, happy Easter, happy labour. I’ve just realized I’ve been gone for too long. The first way of knowing that is by how slow I type on my blog. There’s no flow and cohesion in my thoughts. I still feels good to be back though.

Today, I’m more than happy. I’ve really learnt to appreciate the small victories. At work we were working on something for about two to three months. Let’s just say the whole of this year. It has something to do with the figure. The summation won’t just come together. For three months guys have been poking and prodding and coding. Nothing. Everyday it only seems like we’re moving away from the actual figure. At some point I was tempted to ask them to hard code something…but deep down I wanted a lasting solution. Then today, as usual I opened the document as the second thing when I got to work. Believe it or not…the figure had changed. The amount had a difference of 1.86. I have never ever tasted this kind of victory before. Today, I learnt the beauty of appreciating the journey and the victory. This is it.

The best part though is when I discovered this place called kaikos, opposite Uchumi Hyper along Ngong Road. This place has the most amazing platter and finger licking chicken. Its rare for me to appreciate chicken that is not hone made but Koikos (sic) is just the home away from home.

What am I thinking?
This is a crazy year for me. A few words, SATURN RETURN. I know its sounds bizarre but I have to learn how to live like a tree. Do you see the way the tree sways when its windy, sometimes its upright, sometimes it sheds all its leaves, then the flowers and then green leave but the best part is that it drinks water and manages to breath. This year will not allow me to think or breath. Its forcing me to be a tree. Its strengthening me roots and stretching my branches. See how I’m blabbing…that’s 2013 for me. I can’t even recognize myself. Adulthood comes with a price.

What am I reading?
I also realized that I rarely read when I’m not blogging. I’m not motivated. Recently I’ve been bumping into the word POWER. This seems to be beckoning me from all directions. It must be the effect of the elections , the supreme court and the cabinet secretary announcement. I’m looking forward to reading 48 rules of power, The Art of War and The Prince. I’m yearning to get into these powerful guys heads.
My goal is to blog more so that I can read more.


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2 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. Welcome back. And yes, please write more often. Weekly if you can 🙂

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