Enough with the geek life

Second Day….

What am I feeling…
Is that a cold or flu coming on. I have been away for almost a week then on my first day at work I can feel a cold coming. This is something else. Must be my attitude towards the office that needs to be adjusted asap.Or maybe not, it could be overindulgence because I can hear my work mates blowing their noses.
I feel like going back on, putting on my tracks and sleeping all day. Yeah, that’s how bad it is. I am already bored thirty minutes in. From that corner I can see that look, like the KPIs are already in place. Let me sit upright and then I can sneak out and bask.

The festivities….
While I was upcountry these are my highlights.
I finally got my first christmas gift EVER. No one has ever thought of getting me a christmas gift. That’s why i’ll handle this shoes with care.IMG-20121204-00029
and some more gifts

Then I discovered a thrilling place in Ekero called Thrills, about 20 minutes from Kakamega town and 10 minutes from Mumias Sugar. This is a home away from ‘home’ for the Nairobi like party animals. This is the outside of Thrills.


This is how the walls look like inside. Their logo being the paw *purrr*


Then on either Christmas eve or on Christmas, Thrills decided to bombard us with Kayamba Africa band that was awesome. These guys can dance, sing, play instruments and look pretty. This is what TPF should be about.


From Number 70 in Shibale to Thrills in Ekero…life was good.
Until that time we had to visit the hospital that did not have a fire extinguisher. The only clue that it was a fire extinguisher was the writing on the bucket.

New Year Resolutions…
When my head clears up, I will clearly outline my new year resolutions.
Since this is my birthday month, the first order of business is to ensure that this month rocks with or without money in my wallet.


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2 thoughts on “Second Day….

  1. The Valentine on said:

    I was going to send you santa as a gift.

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