Enough with the geek life

On the 6th Day of Christmas

What am I feeling….
I am tempted to insert a Kemboi dance here. Do you know that feeling we used to get when closing from boarding school. Let me take you back. When I was in boarding school, all I cared about was food. I couldn’t wait to rush home, throw the report card in my mother’s face and head straight to the kitchen. Then the feast would begin.
That’s the exact same feeling I have right now.
I can’t wait for this day to be over, I rush home, pack and be on my ‘rural’ home bound.
I can’t wait to eat well prepared mama’s chicken, avocados and corn (my friend assumes every one in Western dreams and lives corn).
I also feel like I should be shopping. The economy however does not support us indulging in window shopping lest you mess up with the ninety days in January. Total f**k up I tell you.
I am still excited though. A few days away from the city but still talking about the city, from all these faces *scans the room* and with the people who’ve seen me at my tiniest and oldest.

What I am up to…
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas…
Lunch with the girls and boys in my Nairobi life. Hopefully we’ll exchange gifts. We will definitely be recollecting the highlights of the year and laughing so hard at how bad someone else goofed while we were watching. Like this time yorghurt vanished from the fridge and everyone started looking at me strange until we realized it’s the care taker who has thrown it away on the expiry date.
Then the safari begins…
This is the time when you have to carry two or three small kids in a bus who are half way asleep but still drinking and eating. Then the shoving is mandatory. Like they say, the end justifies the means.
I really want to promote rural tourism so this holiday I look forward to visiting this hide out in Kakamega. I think there was some kind of deal on this place.

This weeks highlight…
For once someone applauded me in public. Someone actually recognised my effort. In this business, recognition is very hard to come by. UNLESS you carry around a Samsung Note 3 and intimidate everyone telling them you’re a manager and only deal with high level management. Other than that, the rest of us deputies have to be grateful with everything that is thrown at us.
Then also the “Rural Mingle Team” met and I had a thorough laugh. This is the kind of laughter where you’re crying and your ribs can’t hold anymore. It means things were elephant over there. Don’t miss the one that will come up in February.

What I am reading….
I have not managed to read anything this week. Zero…and the fact that I can predict what will be in the newspapers, I am staying away from those till early March.

Happy Holidays-Merry Christmas loyal readers. I am me because of you. Every click, every comment just goes a long way and means a lot to me.

See you in 2013, now that the world didn’t end. Whoop! Whoop!


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