Enough with the geek life

The Mo(rning)nday After

What am I feeling….
An ache here…a stab there. This rural mingle was epic. After getting lost in the diaspora for about two hours. I know, I know, I know…it might have been thirty minutes but the tension could detonate a bomb , a volcanic mountain. The mingle was good but it’s the journey that was adventurous. The directions were very clear when we left Kenya Nairobi. Get to Daystar University, cross the bridge, find a steel building, drive straight and you’re at the Mingle. Who wouldn’t know that? How many fingers are pointing towards me? MANY FINGERS.

It was a nice way to close the year. My thinking is they increase mingle rates and retain the venue. That way we can relive Survivor and see who screams the loudest. Yeah! especially the guys we were traveling with on this safari who kept on screaming ” I want a cab…I wanna go back to my local….where did you bring us….”

I feel tired, I am giggly, I feel like Christmas break should be a mandatory holiday and most of all I feel like some HR guru should try and investigate whether duplication of duties leads to redundancy. I strongly feel that it does.

What I am up to….
Since it’s a few days to Christmans, I need to create serious family time. Deep down I can’t think of the eight hour ride but such are the things we do for love. I’m on my way to finalizing on this years resolutions. It’s either my expectations were unrealistic or what, because most of the are work in progress. May be I should learn to split my goals in short short term, very short term, short term, middle term and long term. I am just saying

I miss….
Surely where did this bloggers go to. Where do you think I get my inspiration ? When Pen Meets Paper, Toi Market, More than words, Bubbly…, Wherever you are Happy Holidays and post something before new years. I miss you guys.


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2 thoughts on “The Mo(rning)nday After

  1. Cant believe i missed the mingle ….sigh !
    Glad you had fun . And yes you should break down your goals to manageable bits.
    I pray i will blog before the end of the year , though my awesome mental slave driver did a Pen & Teller illusion and “poof” disappeared from my life …sad , so sad .
    I pray she will be back next year , bigger and better …yes?

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