Enough with the geek life

So it’s Friday

What I feeling…
It’s amazing to combine exercise, diet and doses of gratitude every morning. After this serious combination you feel as though the universe is over stuffing you with this ‘lightedness’
So I had with my diet of garlic , aloe vera and bits and pieces of carbs, I am bound to have die off symptoms. In deed I can feel the symptoms coming and most days I need to remind myself that I am blessed and lucky and everything chemical x. Which is a good feeling…it’s all about the positive ATTITUDE.
In addition, I am experimenting with heels courtesy of my good friend. Once she told me it will make my bootie go….I was sold. So there goes the corns and painful ankles late in the night. I am learning how to grimace with a smile on my face the same way they do in America’s next top model, or should I just settle for ‘smizing’

What I am up to….
I am psyching up for the mingle December edition which will be at Rolf’s Place . Yip Yip. When someone says camping I know it’s going to be epic. So I can’t even think of packing. I’ll just wake up, round up my fellow minglers and run. Anyone wanna come…anyone…anyone

This weeks low point…
So someone does their best to crush you, break you and squash in every possible way. I know I call people retards as a joke but I realized the other day that such thing just messes up someone’s heart, head, knees and could even lead to heart burn. Honestly, don’t go around saying or thinking mean things about people. When you use phrases like “You lack….” “you’re not….” “I hate you….” , retard, stupid, idiot, useless… violates one of the basic needs of human beings. According to Dale Carniege the only way to How to Win Friends and Influence People is to ensure that you constantly make them feel important.

What I am reading….
In between reading naughty stuff in the cosmo SA (October edition), the richest man in Babylon and the magic, and some series called Fifty Shades of Grey *I blush* and still reading through blogs. I am a very busy girl (person).


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4 thoughts on “So it’s Friday

  1. Singles mingle ? Hmmmm enjoy and bring us stories !

  2. Hey. Am glad ur making progress on the diet and exercise and i pray u are all healed up by the new year.
    Eh maybe you should ease up on the heels. U have really pretty feet less the corns and blisters. …he he he

    Good books u are reading. Not the fifty shades of grey though. The richest man in babylon book is a gem of a book. Can i borrow when you are done 🙂

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