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one week later

Thank you for the email support on my bloating.

Sometimes when you post something here you assume that you’re an island or leave on a dingy island that people care less about.

I was tempted to go to the health boot camp advertised on rupu but as liquidity and logistics go, I couldn’t go.

Anyway, I decided to self Medicate myself and it’s been a week of bliss. This is what I’ve tried and tested to help with mu bloating. I hope it helps someone who’s undergoing the same problem.

Since I rarely cook….ehe I said it, I decided to be eating fresh garlic in the evening. I hear when you it in the morning it smells so foul you might even loose your job. Ok let me summarize my daily rations so that you can have a clear picture.

Morning or breakfast
One liter of hot water laced with aloe vera juice and honey to taste. Since I’m self dedicating, its only the water that I measure.

After two hours I eat an apple.

After an hour, half a cup of tea, a sausage and sweet potato. I heard proteins are important and I detest of egg whites. I only hope sausage OS sufficient in proteins.

Lunch which is about two hours later, rice and lots of vegetables. If I’m lucky maybe beef. Mostly an array of vegetables does the trick.

After two hours, banana.

After two hours, a small portion of ugali and vegetables. If I’m lucky some kind of meat will do.

After two hours which is news time by now. I get fruit salad sprinkled with raw garlic and green tea.

The bloating went down for all this time I was disciplined then yesterday I decided to stuff myself. I’m now back to an explosive stomach and back to the diet.

PS other than the diet you need to be active. Make sure you walk around, run after a kid all day or for the lucky ones join a gym.

Also note that I’ve excluded wheat from my diet for observation. This means that I’m staying away from mandazi, chapati, weetabix (sniff) and anything that has a wheat like diagram on it. I also ensure I take a lot of water even if it means make twenty rounds to the bathroom.

Bloat free week to all of you.


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2 thoughts on “one week later

  1. Hey. Glad your bloating is under control. No worries on the bootcamp there will be others.

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