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If my stomach would explode….

I have come to realize that very few people in Kenya blog about health.
Especially right now when I’m almost giving up on hospitals and everything.

A few years back I was diagnosed with a bacteria called h.pylori. Despite having a difficult and unfamiliar name, this is not a serious disease. The worst thing about this h.pylori bacteria are the versions of antibiotics they prescribe for you. I was on these menu of antibiotics for about two months and then my real problems become.

From the wazungu blogs I have read, too much anti biotics interferes with the population of good bacteria in your stomach. The good bacteria is meant to fight bad bugs in your stomach during digestion so that they are not ingested in the system. In short my good bacteria had been over taken by bad bacteria and now the dangerous bugs like fungi and acidic levels could not be managed. As if that’s not enough the bad bugs produce so many toxins that are converted into acid and this is a good environment for ulcers and the like.

Now other than the chemistry going on in my belly, I have to deal with the overall symptoms that result from all this. First of I gained immense weight from something called systemic candida. I am happy with the weight as I had forever prayed and worked hard to add some flesh on me. There’s no need to have good weight while struggling with constipation, fatigue, bloating, migraines…..the list goes on. For a while I ignored all these symptoms as a side effect of the antibiotics and went on with my life. I hoped that with time the side effects would disappear and I would go back to my normal self.

When the symptoms didn’t fade away I decided to consult the doctor. It all came down to my diet. I was drafted for a basic diet; ensure you have fruits, lots of water, no alcohol and most of all add exercise into your routine. In addition, they gave me anti acids for my heartburn, laxatives for the constipation and did some more tests. This worked for a while…say until the dosage was out and I was back to the usual symptoms. I went back to the doctor and I was given the exact dosage plus more drugs for amoeba* (not sure).

After a while I decided to google and aid myself to a healthy me. With determination I said NO to drugs of any kind. Drugs had brought me to this and I will not ingest any more drugs to get back to normal

Whoa! the internet can be so misleading. The hints and affirmations out there can be over whelming. All kinds of recommendations are also out there. Now the biggest problem is the meals and drugs they recommend. All of these drugs are either foreign or need to be purchased online. This is tedious and very suspicious at the same time.

For the time being, I am going to be a herbal bloating or constipation blogger, that is before my stomach bursts.

So far all I can say is that I am going herbal; really herbal.
Not herbs in a bottle but like real natural stuff I can buy from the market.

1. Drink a lot of water. More than I am currently drinking
2. Definitely incorporate exercise in my life style.
3. Avoid sugar and any sugar additives -anything that hints to sugar.
4. Invest in green tea and herbal tea
5. Aloe vera….mmhhhh…not yet sure but I’m headed there
6. Garlic will be added in everything I eat. This is a must have.
7. Reduce on my carbohydrates and reduce on my portions of food-yes, it sounds like I am on a diet but when you’re this bloated you deserve a diet
8. Invest in a pro-biotics to build back my good bacteria. I hear maziwa mala (or is it lala) is good.
9. Incorporate lemon in my meals especially in tea.
10. Avoid doctors who hand out antibiotics without any warnings of side effects.

Let me look up for more information. In the mean time, please add here links to local health bloggers, or any information on bloating and constipation.


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2 thoughts on “If my stomach would explode….

  1. Awesome. Funnily enough I also distrust doctors. This information would be useful to many people today. I’m sure the results of your healthy diet and lifestyle will show. I KNOW. Best wishes.

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