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Politically Hot and Cold

Politicians amaze me. Every day I look forward to reading the editorial satirical cartoons in the newspaper. Now that’s what they mean that a picture is worth a thousand words.It’s amazing what you find when you put two things side to side for comparison. So right now we have the presidential campaigns and debbates in United States of America and at the same time we have the campaigns in Kenya. Just the fact that Kenyans (read middle class) will stay up all night to watch the debates means something. Deep within us we look up to USA; deep within us we crave for authentic leaders. When Obama and Mitt Romney go head to head you can somehow feel that the is a positive debate and quite insightful.

It clearly shows how far we’ve come as Kenya and how far we’re yet to go.

Let’s start with the pink. for the presidential candidates spouses, pink is the new blank. It made them so feminine and every camera loved it. In Kenya, the spouses (read wives) are frequently accused of interfering with the political composition by either favouring rural women or recruiting their relatives as managers in the political parties.

In USA, you’re either a democrat or a republican. No matter how green the grass is on the other side, you ensure that you water your own lawn and defend it to death. In Kenya, party hopping has been replaced with the word coalition. As much as coalitions are meant to solidify and reduce the number of political parties, we have a new party every day. Each party will either have a P or an R and with fresh talks of a second round of coalitions, the name will even be more complicated and the symbols…the ingenuity is amazing.

The election date. With each day a new challenge arises. The ICC cases, the BVR, the chiefs on strike, the MPs on strike…I wonder when we’ll have elections and be done with it. Already they’ve interfered with my school timetable and will probably delay my graduation…but then again, it’s not about me, it’s about Kenya.

When the MPs unashamedly demanded for retirement benefits, we saw a movement of Kenyan’s on twitter with a hash tag #kot, rise and made their voice be heard. I wish the same cry would be heard every time a politician, campaigner or activist mentioned the words ‘my people’, ‘the people of Kenya’ and such cliche phrases so that we can train communicate to our leaders our expectations.


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