Enough with the geek life

What you want and what you need

As long as I still have hormones, I can do whatever anything I need to.Have you been praying something so hard and you don’t see any results? Well…PUSH.

In other news, what we want and what we need are usually two different things. I’m not a relationship guru but sometimes the TDS (Tall, Dark and Handsome) makes me throw up a little. After a certain age, I would expect something more substantial and solid from our girls.

While you’re still ululating in victory, I have serious beef with a man (but for the sake of this article, men). So this guy has been praying for a man who can cook ‘kienyeji’ (traditional food). He says he’s tired of making bar owners rich. He craves for home cooked meal. So God presents to him a girl who can whip together a recipe without subjecting you to food poison.

Guess what? This guy can’t eat. His brain and digestive system have been corrupted by the imported meals that a home cooked meal will not hack it. By week two, he now craves french fries, dry fried beef, roasted meat, burgers and noodles. This girl is traditional and she’s an expert at preparing tradition meals. The only other thing he can offer is nyama choma…as a special.

So this answered prayer in the form of a hard working girl is not only stuck with calluses, cuticles but also plate fuls of food that will not be consumed.

Now, what does the girl have to do?


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