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What kind of president are you?

I was going through Obama’s photo’s on facebook just a few minutes ago and tagged on one photo was a comment “I want my president to be bigger and better than me. I want my president to be someone I can listen to and look up to…” This way of thinking is very interesting and new to me.Kenya is a few months away from elections. In March we will have elections after ten years ( two terms) with Hon. President Kibaki.

As the election date gets nearer the sneers on people’s faces get deeper and deeper. You’ll rarely hear of a candidate , whether presidential or otherwise, who has a certificate of good conduct. We now have more than ten presidential candidates and I would like to ask you ” What kind of President are you?”

There is Raila. By now we’ve read Miguna (*2) book online and there are quite a number of adjectives you’ve picked up from the book. When he was in opposition he was known as Tinga, enigma, charistmatic and a great change agent. The day he switched sides to government there’s that doubt that maybe the things he stood for then are not fulfilled five years down the line. His opponents now call him kut kut or the guy ‘siasa ya vitendawili’ (the riddle politics). With Raila I sometimes get mixed feelings. He’ll heckle and then go silent, then he’ll condemn and go silent. I never know where he stands on most issues whether security, education, vision2030, infrastructure. With him everything is concocted into a riddle.

Then swoops in Kalonzo. This guy is a walking question mark. How has been in government all this time? Where does he take his earning? Is he really saved? Is he in wiper party? With Kalonzo every side is viable. I feel he grew up to be a diplomat or a profession that does not require taking sides. Even during the referendum people said he was water melon which meant that he was neither an orange or green light. If Kalonzo was to be an actor, he would feature in hustle.

Ruto. The king maker, the terrorist, the aggressive guy. Ruto has the energy, the drive, the resources but he must have taken so many things for granted. I’m still haunted by the fact that he was so mean and disrespectful to Ret. President Moi during the 2007 elections. I did not understand how he did that. Even to this day Ruto will walk to any conference and microphone and speak his mind regardless of the audience. He reminds me of campus where only the ‘bad boys’ were given attention.

Uhuru. The rich boy. The TNA god father. Sometimes you wish you were born an Uhuru. The name alone opens doors and beckons money. His navigation through politics has been uneventful. Except for the ICC pending case, Uhuru has had it so easy. He also has an easy way of explaining everything. I really don’t understand what Uhuru.

Mudavadi. The bamboo tree. According to Mutahi Ngunyi, a political analyst, Mudavadi is like a bamboo tree in that you will not see any growth for about six or seven years ,then one day this tree sprouts. Really? Mudavadi was hither tither for a very long time. This guy took after his dad when he was still in campus and there fore he has no reason to fight for anything. Mudavadi is friendly and thoughtful. It’s rare to find him heckling. This is spooky as you can never know whether it’s still waters that run deep or ignorance. He’s already on the map.

Martha Karua; it’s obvious that she’s very brilliant. I love her new dress code that reminds me of President Ellen Johnson, the president of Liberia. Some time back I always related Ngilu to throwing tantrums, or maybe it was just the media. She was always walking out of one meeting or another. I wonder how she would handle it if someone walked out on her. Her love for law and the country is very obvious. Her grasp of the law is amazing. Would I vote for her? I don’t know…she seems bitter to me and she’s always pensive and at war with everyone. Maybe I’m inclined towards Public relations but I still feel like she’d make an amazing leader. What kind of president would she be? At the onset of Obama’s first term, Michelle had to overcome racial stereotypes including being feisty, independent , blunt, no-nonsense, strict dress code, cold, sterile and angry. Maybe I should leave at that. Martha might need to step back and see how she can counter certain stereotypes branded on women in power especially so her non-verbal communication.

Mama Ngilu. She seemed very proud to have graduated. Going back to school later on in life is a daunting task. In addition too her tight schedule and other personal duties, Ngilu must have worked really hard at this degree. It’s the vision I love. The launch of her party was calm, well organised, more inclined to the female gender. I know what she stands for; education. For obvious reasons of course. Other than her clear hatred for Kalonzo, there is no witch hunting on her that has been in the media. She’s survived many governments and she’s still going strong. Not to be biased, but I would surely like to have Ngilu’s spirit when I grow up. What kind of president would she be? The thing I remember clearly about Ngilu was when she asked the coffin makers to move their merchandise from the gates at the mortuary. She’s empathetic , human, understanding, in touch with the current challenges of the country and well balanced.

Kibaki. The Economist. The guy with a great mind. For the ten years Kibaki was our president magazines described him as hands off as he rarely spoke. However, in his silence he spearheaded the vision 2030 that has begun with the super highways, the IT centre and many more projects that will go a long way to build Kenya and East Africa.

Which kind of President are you?


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7 thoughts on “What kind of president are you?

  1. heheheh Kalonzo is walking question mark?
    And why did you leave out Hons. Ngilu and Martha?

    • I’ve squeezed it in there

      • Ok,one thing i know about Martha for sure is that,if we say we want to fight corruption,she ranks up there in my list of those who i think mean it . I see her saying to someone in her cabinet “carry your own cross”, while shaking her head and sneering and probably point her finger ( index) hahahahha. The rest,i think they just bla bla on the corruption front .

        Ok,P44 does not discuss politics ! :),but i had to comment on this one .

      • Yes, she has the passion and she’s vocal about her vision. Thanks P44 for getting out of your way. I still think politics is vital is every aspect of our lives; even in relationships. Thanks four insight

  2. Hahaha ,maybe we should come up with a a post titled ‘ the politics of relationships ‘
    Most welcome .

  3. The Valentine on said:

    Wow, I think we are observing from the same angle. The problem is that non of them has any vision beyond themselves and their tribes.

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