Enough with the geek life

This thing called standards..

This word standards seems to be haunting me. I was watching “Think like a man…” And one friend was telling another one that the reason she hadn’t been in a meaningful relationship for a long time was because she had set her standards too high.Then I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. According to him every Kenyan girl has access to six men. I think he got that from an outdated census report. Anyway, out of the six guys ,whom you have very minimal access to, you find date you can only date two. The reason being the rest are either uneducated, participate in unskilled labour, are convicts or they are outright spooky. Then he turns around and says that any woman who is single by choice has set very high standards for men around him.

I have no proper definition of standards but I guess it’s related to individual tastes, preferences and qualities. When you’re accustomed to a certain way of life for example you go to five star hostels for your meals or import your clothes and such like things; it’s very difficult to compromise when it couples to dating and settling down.

Some people relate standards to independence. When they imagine that you have a job, have an expensive phone and speak with a tweng; they brand you as having very high standards I.e. High maintenance. However, when you start dating down everyone will convince you to start associating with people of your own class or standards.

When such things get to your head, you tend to forget the basics in your life. You’ll wait around for a very rich guy who can afford a certain lifestyle while you overlook your emotional needs. All these worldly things have a satiation point and you’ll always crave for me. Virtues on the other hand take time to be cultivated and it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not asking you to throw everything you treasure but I’m requesting you to balance between lifestyle and personality.


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