Enough with the geek life

I seek Inspiration

I’m less inspired to do anything in my life.Have you ever gotten to that point in your life when you have zero inspiration. You’re moving through the motions of life by the help of your sub-conscience. This is basically due to the fact that half the things you’re doing are routine.

I’m having one of those days when I’m less inspired. Trying to think of inspiration is too much for me, let me call it bored.

Yes, that a more suitable word for what I’m going through. It feels as though I’ve done everything there is at work. Even my twenty one day challenge has become a routine and it’s no longer exciting. Other than the hot shower that suddenly went chilly half way through, I’ve had nothing new today, this week or this month.

I’ve been doing basically the same thing every morning for some time and my mind craves for a risky taking. I wake up, I read my morning inspiration verses, skip the rope for about fifteen minutes, shower, take a litre of water, close up and head to the office. The routine at the office is even more numbing so I won’t go to it.

Due to my lack of inspiration, I feel as though this moment of slump is important in everyone’s life. It helps us to first of all appreciate the little things in life that have turned into comfort zones and also notify us that we’re moving through phases in life and we need to revamp pretty soon. Right before you move to the next stage it’s imperative to meditate and make sure your mind, body and soul are one. They say prayer is the way we communicate with God (the universe) while meditation is the way God talks to us.

Instead of assuming I’m bored, I’ll take this time to meditate. Maybe this time I’ll hear God’s voice. Maybe…I’ll get inspiration.


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6 thoughts on “I seek Inspiration

  1. Your solution is More of a certainty than a probable 🙂 Listen!

  2. Sweets on said:

    You seem to be stuck in a rut dear just go easy your creative juices will soon kick in….

  3. The Valentine on said:

    Mmmmm…am with you on meditation.

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