Enough with the geek life

The Love Boot Camp…

Any question related to love can be daunting for anyone.
Recently, I had a crush programme on love or may be I should say a love boot camp.People have snippets of love and mostly they realize it when it’s all gone and forgotten or in deep misery. I guess this is when you reminisce about the good old days.

On Monday I opened my email box and found a million dollar question from one of my friends. It asked ” what do women want…” I thought about it for a minute and replied to the question with the big four letter word LOVE. I thought this was one of those online games where you give an answer to a question and you have to forward the ‘joke’ to twenty five people otherwise badluck will hit you in the head. Anyway back to the big question, I forgot all about it and went on with ‘stuff’ people do on Monday which includes but not limited to groaning, frowning, yawning and when you’re lucky ‘facebooking’

Today I went back to the office to find my friend has sent back a response to my short answer. According to this article, like everything else love is something that is earned. It can be associated with virtues like hardwork, integrity, trust and discipline. To be love you have to make a choice and tirelessly at being love. In addition he thinks that so many people throw around the word love not knowing how BIG this word is. Most of us are accused of associating love with lust, infatuation, good sex and in my case shoes. To us, love is external while in real sense.

After reading this long article on love, I asked him whether he was love. He says he’s love in progress. He can only be love when he’s able to mooove from being selfish to selfless; from receiving to giving without expecting something in return. In my argument I tell him that that’s his way of expressing love. People have different ways of loving. Some will sing, others will write, others will dance selflessly and endlessly. To me that is love. He says; according to the word love and obedience are dependent. It’s only when you obey His commands that you can say you are love. This makes sense to me and furthermore it sounds familiar.

At this point I’m curious. If at all we’ll define it in a religious manner, what about the other kinds of relationships we have. I understand you’ll have God, spouse, family and friends to love. What then is love in our real life….and if it’s such common sense why do people still grapple with love.

He says, people don’t embrace love because they have decided to do it on their own. Now this is my light bulb moment. People step out in their lonely moments at start seeking gratification and since it feels so good they equate this with love. When this object of affection is eliminated, they fall out love.

So what’s the fix to this? I ask. He says, love is eternal. When you’re abundant with love there’s no way you’ll wake up and run out of love. Secondly he says, when you’re struggling with love seek a higher power to guide you. The higher power/the universe or God is love. Everything that happens is for the greater good. What this means is that you cannot succeed alone when it comes to love. You need to tap the energy from a higher power. It works like everything else in our lives. When you seek to break a record or leave a mark in everything you do; you’ll involve a higher power. This is sometimes called faith. It’s believing in the unknown.

Let me ask you; first of all what is love? And secondly what do women want?


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