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Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

I’ve just read the best quote of the day that says that our government believes that unless you’re getting treatment abroad; then laughter is the best medicine.Is laughter really the best medicine? Can you laugh your way through a headache, stomach ache or broken rib?

I try as much as possible to be non-partisan to politics. This has become a battle as politics tends to follow me everywhere I go. I’ll encounter power and politics during a family meeting, heated power struggles at home and when I go home there is politics on TV and radio. If I was born a few years back I would say I’m destined to be a politician, but that would just be for laughs.

It’s important to be involved in politics at any level. It’s only through politics that our self-interests are addressed. The country might have the best constitution on paper but it cannot be implemented in silence. Power and politics is crucial to stabilize all aspects of growth.

It saddens me when people don’t read the newspaper or watch the news (they opt to support loser in the name of Arsenal) at the expense of politics. You are educated, energetic, argumentative and your voice is needed to shape not only your life but that of your country. We might whine and cuss the politicians we have currently but when they’re the only ones visible and vocal, your relatives assume that they’re the most knowledgeable and powerful and take your word over theirs.

We might take for granted the strikes that are currently happening in the country, but that’s the only way the voice of everyone can be heard. Everyone is important but you’ll find the people who are meant to be prominent civil servants make selfish decisions at the expense of others.

When they dodge making firm and productive decisions, it means that they are neglecting the everyone in the society. Someone may say that the legislators get a salary increment in their but when it comes to the education and health of the general population, they play tom and Jerry. In this way they’re killing the dreams of those who aspire to career oriented and also affect the growth of the country.

Health is wealth.

When you’re still healthy, lend a hand is helping the sick. When you’re still healthy, let your voice be heard. You’re never too young or too old to be a politician, even if it’s in a small way.


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2 thoughts on “Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

  1. Sweets on said:

    You should write more on politics the passion can be felt….love it

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