Enough with the geek life

On the path to self destruction…

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Bad company ruins good morals.Yeah, I feel the same way too.
That’s the worst thing about cliches. After a while they all sound like a broken record. No one cares about them anymore.

However, when these cliches start making sense then you know you’re alive and you’ve grown up.

There’s a group of youth especially in the technical field who bump into loads of money. More money than they ever dreamed of and more money than they need.

These are the youth that make you understand the value of the graded and salary scales in the civil service. I don’t advocate for meagre earnings but I advocate for financial discipline. What the salary scale is to align you with every one else making you have a ‘clique’ then teaches you hardwork, patience and respect. To move from one scale to another, you have to wait for about two to three years. This means you’ve been enticed to stick around, put in hours and also plan for when the extra income comes.

Back to the topic of the day. Tomorrow being Friday you’ll bump into the creme de la creme of this country imbibing their drinks at the best joints in town. Especially being the end of the month, everyone will be driving and drinking in large crowds. This is a good thing to have. It’s a great thing to enjoy your youth with friends.

Now comes the addictions. If I was a genius I would have unleashed percentages of alcoholics, internet addicts and drug addicts that were born from peer pressure.

When all the unions turn negative, you’ll suffer as an individual. You’ll have some of friends and family there, but it’s basically your life that you’re counting away.

I’m not a miracle worker, but I believe when you place financial responsibility first and then self-awareness second you’ll avoid altering your goals, visions and dreams due to addictions. Like my good friend told me, no matter how much you earn; ten percent belongs to God, ten percent belong to you, five percent goes to charity, five percent goes to pay your debts and the rest you can use to pay your bills (I can’t remember the other percentages)

Say a prayer to someone who’s suffering from addictions.


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2 thoughts on “On the path to self destruction…

  1. 10% goes to tithe, Give God what is His.
    10% goes to your retirement plan.
    5% goes to charity of your own choice.
    5% goes to risk management- insurances etc.
    10% goes to your savings.
    60% is what you live on. 🙂

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