Enough with the geek life


You should give yourself kudos for something you did today. I’m sure you deserve. Modesty is the ultimate manifestation of pride.

Indecision is a decision on it’s own.Every day, every hour and every second, we make a decisions. These decisions are sometimes called choices.

When it comes to the big things, decisions become milestones.

I need to finally make a decision that I’ve been post poning for about three months. My friend finally gave me a timeline of Friday, 28th September 2012, to clear up with it. As the day grows nearer I know my decision but it’s communicating the decision has now become a problem.

I know I would make the worst leader when it comes to this indecisiveness and delays. It’s always said that people loathe, especially followers, leaders who are indecisive. Imagine being in a meeting with your MD and he keeps on saying; may be we should do A, no no wait, we should go this way, then he mutters that he doesn’t want to do that particular thing all together. All this time he’s sweating profusely and walking in circles like a mad man. That would be the worst company or team to work with.

Which makes me think of all those heroic movies. Someone makes a decision and lives with the consequences. Whether it’s the King of Sparta(sic) who yells that they’re going to war or Spiderman makes up his mind of slaying all the bad guys. At the end of the day you’re proud of this guy.

By now I’ve googled all ways to make and communicate a decision and at the end of each piece I’m more anxious and confused than I was at the beginning of the article.

Since I don’t live in a hollywood bubble and I’m striving to be a good leader. I’m going to sleep on this one thing and see how tomorrow goes. Then on Friday I’m going to get motivation in the form of liquids laced with lethal products…and I’m going to open my mouth, hopefully something will come out.

That’s my decision.


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