Enough with the geek life

Shake your life…today

When you’re healthy, you found your soul mate or finally snapped your dream, there is that period when you wouldn’t add or subtract anything from the equation.You’re tempted to live in the bubble until it becomes a comfort zone. At this comfort zone it’s all bliss and floating in the air and dreaming, planning the future, calling up your friends for updates and all that.

I have just realized that being ill or unwell or miserable helps us realize what really matters in our life. You know those headaches that make you twist and turn as though you’re the girl with a twisted future? Yes, that’s when you miss and meet your true friends, you cherish your family and pray for the headache to go away.

What if as a grown as man you’re bedridden and you are unable to even lift a finger. Someone has to feed you, watch you and help you take a piss. The things you take for granted like breathing, singing, being busy are no more and you’re at the mercy of God and your doctors.

In the same breath, I’ve started believing in signs.

Not the horoscope kind. I mean tiny little messages that come your way to help you along your course. Yesterday morning I bumped into an article in The Daily Nation. According to this article by Sunny Bindra, people are more comfortable being in a crowd and yet everything we see today was created by someone who was assumed to be eccentric or social misfits. Then I bumped into John Stanko’s Monday Memo, who had posted the most difficult prayer. This prayer is meant to beg God to test our faith by giving us bigger challenges or greater visions. John Stanko believes that sometimes people confuse faith, comfort with complacency. Instead he challenges us to venture into deeper waters and new territories in order to ascertain that God is truly with us.

This is when I realized that I need to make A Disturbing Prayer to God. To push me till I’m able to realize that everything impossible is possible by Him.

Today’s inspiration goes something like this; there are the must haves, should haves and good to haves. Not them down and prioritize. Secondly, ensure that you’re always trying something new in order to realize your purpose and dreams.

Update; at least I’ve kept to my blogging. It’s skipping the rope that I have to force now.

Share your thoughts.


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