Enough with the geek life

A berry good day…

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. – Peace PilgrimConsistency is a bitch. Yes, I said it.

It’s the second day and I’ve found every excuse in the book to avoid skipping the rope and blogging. It’s been two days and for today I have to find a way to blog. Skipping will resume tomorrow…I promise.

Today I was thinking how misfortunes and misery makes us equal. You might have never spoken in like a year but the day your office catches fire is the day you’ll tell this person everything and anything about yourself. You might be stuck on your phone through a bus ride home but the moment you get a tire burst, police bust, car jacked or the bus screeches to a halt, the adrenaline unites you.

My second thought of the day is cancer. This bug cancer seems to be popping up on a daily basis. There is the lung, ovarian, blood, skin…prostrate cancer, it seems to be swallowing our friends and family on a daily basis. Now I’m very scared of eating, drinking, dancing, walking or singing for fear of catching cancer. Does this mean I have to go back to the old ways of eating herbs and roots?

The key thing is to make everything count.

Stay healthy.


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