Enough with the geek life

Call Me Maybe…

I love this song. There’s something about it that tugs at my heart. It must be the singers free spirit or the guys abs. I can’t really tell…but I love. I love it morebecause I used it today as my sweat song. I now realized that when you combine something you love with something you love a little like jumping a rope, it doesn’t seem like a chore?

This means that I have twenty days to go with my will power building. I had mentioned earlier that I intend to skip the rope for all it benefits in addition to building my self discipline.

As part of my inspiration today I’m interested to find out why men and women lie especially in romantic relationships.

A friend of mine recently started dating a lady. I ‘fell in love’ the second I met her. She was caring, loving, in touch with her emotions and very kind. Part of the logic was that she grew up at the Kenyan coast. Women from the coast exude pure womanhood. The next day after meeting this lady, I made sure I had told everyone I met about this fascinating creature and how amazing she was. So recently, I’m on my way home and I see someone walking in a zig zag manner. I look closely and to my astonishment it’s the fascinating. She very drunk and has dust all over her clothes. It’s as though she had been falling on her way home. So I stop to check on her and she yells at the cab driver obscenities. Everything I had ‘assumed’ or believed was erased with the first obscenity. I doubt she even recognized me when I introduced myself.

The second story is about a lady I met on a bus today. She seemed so distressed and the baby in her was distressed too by the way she was crying and didn’t want to feed. Since we were a long way from home, I asked her whether she was ok. Then she tells me she’s been through three months of hell. She discovered that the guy she was dating (her boyfriend), and the father of her unborn child,had been lying to her through out their two year old relationship. While she had assumed he was employed, it turns out he wasn’t. That did not faze her out as she was distraught from all the prenatal problems.

She got a bigger house and started the process of shipping into the country a car. A month after the birth of her baby, her boyfriend disappeared for a fortnight. When he resurfaced, he didn’t have the car. When she asked him about it, he claimed it was in the garage. A few weeks passed and the car still wasn’t repaired. She then went to the garage to inquire why the repairs were taking too long. She was then told that the wasn’t and had never been at that garage. On the advise of her friends she decided to call the police. On tracking the vehicle, they discovered it had been transferred to someone else. The boyfriend had sold the vehicle and had already used half the money.

Now she has a baby to take care of, a loan to repay, rent to take care of and still worry about a missing boyfriend.

Why do people lie?
Are you too blinded by the good and the future to see the other person as human?


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