Enough with the geek life

To the year that has been…

We can be thankful to over a million things each day…the first is when we open our eyes to each morning. We wish you a lovely FridayIn my head, 2012 is over and the thought that none of my resolutions have been resolved worries me. It makes my belly hot and my head freezes. I don’t know how I would have worked things out to achieve my goals but it’s very clear that time is not on my side.

I had about five major milestones and five minor ones. As of today, I haven’t crossed of any of them. Many of them are still in progress but none is closed. This worries me. Does this make me a failure?

At this time I choose to beat myself. I’m over critical of myself and most of the time I’m desperate to blame someone; anyone…for my non-resolved issues. I’m very tempted to blame the lecturers but then again I have nine people to find, if I blame the government I would have about two things hanging. The best person to blame is God, after all He’s God.

However, I’ve enjoyed the journey that was. When you set a goal or you have a vision, it’s as if you open the gate to a maze. This maze allows you to learn of different things. In short it’s a learning.

Since I set my annual resolutions in November, this year I will do myself a favour and append last year’s goals with my lesson and maybe new strategies for them.

Before then, I would like to count my blessings for the year that has been.


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