Enough with the geek life

Self-Discipline…in 21 days

You might dream, wish, pray, dance, visualize but without discipline you’re never going to rule the world (or heaven)Everything requires discipline. To achieve discipline you need to work on consistency.

Many months ago, I promised myself I will work on the body just as hard as I work on my mind and soul. First I joined a gym and after three months I was skipping sessions. They I decided to be skipping the rope but even that only happens when I’m feeling fat or depressed. I’ve been unable to stick to a regime of any kind. My brain won’t let this develop into anything.

In order to strengthen (test) your will power (discipline muscles) you need to pick one thing…yes anything and stick to it for about twenty one days. Where possible you can ensure you do the exact same thing at the exact same time.

The whole point of this exercise is to do something that helps builds you; stretches you and it has to be something positive. By skipping the rope I’m able to be agile, physically fit and well balanced. By blogging I have the opportunity to do something I love, inspire someone and get in tune with my sub conscience.

As for me, I need to inspire someone (anyone) on my blog in about two fifty words in addition to sticking to the skipping the rope.

Test your will power…share your experience.


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