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Experience versus Talent

Every day I go through those blogs and websites that offer hope…and if ever my employer found me perusing he’d probably smash my head against something and make sure I’m flooded with activities.

Most of these advertisements tend to segregate people based on their experience. Some of the years on these posts are spine chilling and you wonder what you can ever offer to that organization. So when I read about experience versus talent, I sighed in relief.

I might have all these experience but it’s not the right experience. I might have all these talent, passion or enthusiasm but it’s not the right kind.

So I shrink back and say, maybe, this is the place I’m destined to grow old at. They understand. I understand everything that happens around. I’m proud enough to tell someone how long I’ve worked there and they look at me in admiration.

Then I wonder. Why do I still feel hollow? Why do I feel I need to be doing something else, something bigger. Why do I feel just a tiny bit uncomfortable. I’m surrounded by people who are leaving their dream, they are passionate about what they do, they love what they do and they can say they do not really come to work since they love it.

It’s often very tempting to sit back and relax in any kind of lifestyle with the assumption that it’s something you’re experienced at. You’re willing to write of your passion, hobbies or talent based on the constant income.

For me it’s the fear. I’m scared to death of venturing trying out what I believe is my calling. I hear all these voices. They think I’d be better of being here and there or doing this and that. Then I tell myself, these people have lived their lives. They know best.

Late at night before I go to sleep, I get that nagging feeling. The feeling of a murderer. I’m murdering my passion, my talent or my dream. Maybe if I spared an hour a day to focus on something I believe is a talent, I’ll be able to sleep better and longer.

You can always get more knowledge and experience but talent is what you bring to everything you do .You could be great at something that you’ve never done before professionally and you will have to gain that experience with time, in the long run its easier to start over with something you love and are brilliant at than just digger deeper into work you don’t like.

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2 thoughts on “Experience versus Talent

  1. untonyto on said:

    Yes, I totally identify with feeling like a murderer. All true.

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