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How Grace got her sword back

I was talking to a long lost friend yesterday, and as usual the conversation turned to David, her boyfriend from five years ago.Grace and David were the envy of the village a few years ago. Grace had been eyeing David for some time now and every time he crossed his path, her heart would skip a beat or two and it was as loud as an Isukuti drum. She would sweat and draw maps from here to Juba.

So one day by sheer luck he took his number and he sent her a message. I would never hear the end of it. David this…and David that….she saw him through medical school and a scholarship to some foreign country. All along I could never control the potatoe swelling in my throat everytime she blabbed about David.

Then things changed. In a span of a month, he had changed seven sim cards. He said he was avoiding relatives and guys from the office. The worst bit about this was that with every sim card change, he forgot to give her the new number and she would cry for days waiting for him to call. He didn’t seem to care anymore and he was never present. Let’s just say he had become an emotionally unavailable man.

One day, with all the heart ache and endless hoping and waiting, she decided to be in his office’s ‘neighbourhood’ which was about one hundred bob from where she stayed. She had decided to drop into the office and have him rehash on how busy he was…or he was stressed out and that’s why he hadn’t called or reverted to his last known number.

When she got to the office, she felt everyone looked at her ‘funny’. As though they knew something she didn’t. She tried to ignore but THE female instinct persisted. Of course the loyal boyfriend was not in the office. After ‘being nice’ to his personal assistant, she confessed that another woman had come to the office and claimed that he had neglected his baby and there fore wanted parental support.

That was to be the beginning of a long battle of hearts. She cried and insulted him whenever she could. All along he was firm that he had no idea who the other woman was. They’ve been in a complicated relationship ever since, for about three…four years.

Then she woke up one day and felt she had to take her sword back from this guy. She was tired of feeling hopeless and waiting by the phone for him to call. She was tired of waiting for him to make true of his promises. She sick and tired for feeling empty and lonely while she was in a relationship. She started her journey to healing. Lucky for her David had changed sim cards AGAIN and this could only be a sign to move on. Find a guy with at least two simcards for keeps. Was that too much to ask?

Nine months later, David calls with a new number. It seems all familiar. He wants to meet up and talk. She’s pissed but politely tells him she had made other plans. He gets mad and he insists that he wants company to a wedding. She’s still polite and tells him it’s not possible. So they go their way for the day. In the evening he calls. Would she make it for drinks. By now she’s seething with fury. She’s a different woman now, stronger, bolder, healthier and she has her sword. She says a drink will be ok. She goes and meets him. David the smooth operator starts shooting from his ass (lol) how he’d missed her and he’d been stressed. All the lines that used to make her all weak and forgiving. This time she throws up a little in the mouth. Then she gives him a piece of her mind…for about thirty minutes. He’s still in denial and he says that he understands it’s been a long day and she might be stressed. She wants to drop her home and she says no. She had alternative means of transport. He insists that he wants to spend some time with her…she’s the only woman she’s ever truly loved. That’s when she slapped him and walked away.

She says she feels like she’s in heaven. She’s never been light. She’s glad she took her sword back, and knows how to handle it


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2 thoughts on “How Grace got her sword back

  1. Wooow thats nice,am still thinking on how to get my sword back. Nice article

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