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letting go

The other day I decided to experiment with passwords on my phone. Big mistake!I am surrounded by PINs and passwords on each waking moment that I had promised myself I would never ever put a password on my phone, just to feel reckless.

Like most of my promises, I veered off the other day. After almost two year of no password, I activated a password and keyed in the first thing that came to my mind. Come morning and I want to snoop on my tweet hearts and check whether there are any wake me ups on my sms, my phone asks me for a password. For a second I thought it was playing tricks on my so I keyed in sample passwords and all of them were wrong.

I begun to panic as I rack my brain. I have about 8 out of 10 trials and at the rate I’m going, they’ll be over. Soon enough I was at the 10th wrong password. There’s very little I could do as all the data in my phone was being deleted. My collection of photos, emails, favourite photos, my heart warming smses.

I wish I had backed up in blackberry protect but I’m two seconds too late because my phone is as good as new. I have no one’s contacts, notes for my next blog are deleted and I no longer have my morning affirmations to hold onto to.

It’s day two and the pain is killing me. Today I woke up to my morning inspiration and there was conversation between a couple. Now the wife seems to accumulate all the mistakes done by his husband. Any time they have a fight, she brings up things that happened centuries ago. So the husband exclaimed “where do you keep all these files…” Which got me thinking…I will not let the small issue with my archive disrupt my day. I’ll start from scratch. Just to add, the main lesson from the couple’s argument is to forgive and forget. Let go…purge them for good and start from scratch each time you have a fight.


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One thought on “letting go

  1. pole on the loss of all your data. glad you have a positive attitude to this. hope it is a lesson learnt. And i wait to see the forgive and forget in action.

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