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Next time you want a cupcake , eat a carrot

Mzee at work was convincing me to eat one more sausage in addition to eggs and sausages. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want to add any more weight than I already have.As a last resolve he yelled “wewe utanona hata ufanye nini” (you’ll add weight no matter what you do)

I sort of panicked and sunk in my chair. What would I do when I’m all round with several bellies and slippery thighs. So I dived into google and started reading up on weight and weight related issues.

It amazing how many products we have on the market to lose wight. The programs are endless, the stories are inspiring and enduring. I kept on wondering, ”Which is the ultimate solution to this weight loss problem? Which showed instant results?” Since I didn’t want any trial and error, guinea pig experiments on me. ” Is it acai berry? Is it the ten weight loss programs I read? Is it thirty minutes of cardio? Is it the cocktail of pills?”

Shortly after I went to a client site and I explained to a friend of mine how the internet was constipated with weight loss problems and solutions . She the opened up and told me a very inspiring story on how she dealt with her weight challenges.

She’d been overweight for a couple of years. Every new year, her number one resolution was to lose weight and get to size 8 and when God is kind enough she might go to size 8. She fantasized day and night on how she would redo her wardrobe and get attention from all the hot, rich men in the world.

All this while she was adding weight. She was sweating profusely and couldn’t breath. Oh, if only she could close her eyes and wake up slim.

So one day she went to consult with her doctor with concerns about the endless medical complications had. After several checks, experiments and diagnosis she couldn’t hold it anymore. In their conversation she kept on brushing off symptoms and suggestions but when the doctor mentioned death it got her running…and she’s been running ever since.

She runs to class, when coming to work and when she’s having fun. Just like that, she’s a size 8 now.


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4 thoughts on “Next time you want a cupcake , eat a carrot

  1. Hmmmm….Nice topic, good lead … , this post is a bit disjointed. Like parts are missing to make it complete aka Frankenstien monster ….give it life.

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