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Saying Goodbye

There is no greater success than happiness of your heart-African Proverb.

Have you ever had that tiny moment when you find yourself smiling sheepishly even after saying goodbye. When you flashback and all you can think about are the fights and reconciliations, the shared secrets, the giggles…the bliss.

Saying goodbye gets harder as I get older. My circle of friends is shrinking and when one of them drops off, I wonder, how will I live without them, will I ever find another as kind, as funny, as caring, as thoughtful…this must have been the best part of being a kid. Bidding farewell involved you 2 tears, a million promises and a good night sleep.

This also happens with gadgets and objects. We get attached to a phone, a chair, a teddy bear or a blanket and the thought of losing it sends shivers down your spine. When I realized my blog did not reflect and align with the direction I had taken, I had to make a firm decision to let it go and start over. Starting over is the toughest part. You wonder where, when, how, why will I start over. You’re desperate for the status quo. You’re anxious to make the first move…
However, as hard as it is, it has to be done. I have to be able to see every encounter as an experience. Maximise the moment we have together and when the time comes, I’ll be sad and cry but I will always hold the memories close to my heart.

When my parents visit, I have so much to say, so much to share that I don’t want to let them go. When a mentor walks into my life, I have so much to ask and so much to learn I want to hold on. When I’m spending time with my friend, I want to stay and tell them everything.

Just the other day, I met an old friend and we connected as though we had never parted. We had so much to talk about; all the events we had gone to, the old age creeping in our bones, the challenges with trying to balance our lives. We seemed to mute everyone else and it was just her and I talking the day away. Then darkness had creeped and it was time to go home. Oh, the sadness, the anxiety…

Right now I realized we let the tiny miracles; the tiny moments of bliss shared among our friends and family slip away unnoticed and later on we realize that was out turning point. The moment when that person was sent to you to deliver a critical message.

This week, savour the moment you have now and hold onto it. It’s said that the good old days are composed of the tiny glorious moments now.


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2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Perfect way to start over . Looking forward to the new you.
    A toast To new beginnings .

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