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of jealous and control

My friends daughter (my niece) turned two the other day. She’s still not sure how old she turned but she can easily yelp the happy birthday song and remixit without favour. Whenever I talk to the mum she just shakes her head. The fracas Mbi unceasingly causes her parents and everyone around her is not only nerve wrecking but also warms your heart. There is ,literally, no dull moment around Mbi. She will hit the remote control, she will climb on the glass table and dance, she will scream her lungs out while tearing her books.

Mbi just got a baby sister that she looks on with love but mostly with hatred. When you walk into the house she jumps on you lest you go and carry the baby sis. She feels a little bit neglected and hasn’t really defined her relationship with her baby sis yet.

Looking at Mbi reminded me of two issues I’ve never managed to figure out. That of being jealous and controlling (controlled)

You’ll be walking down the street one day and someone calls your name. You take a few steps back and realize this was your high school or university class mate. She works at Central Bank of Kenya and has recently purchased a VW Passat. As she waves her hand you notice the golden band and the baby bump. She’s driving your dream car and she’s not afraid to share your dream salary and break it down to benefits. Let’s just say ever since you cleared campus you’ve been a hustler or as guys from Ghetto radio would have it, a sufferer. You are holding onto hope and dreams; to find a job, bump into the man of your dreams, have a wedding from a magazine pull out and buy this car she’s driving; only in a different colour.

Then the ‘potatoe’ in your throat starts swelling and your eyes start stinging. Is that jealous or anger. Weren’t you the one tutoring her in campus, weren’t you the one giving her the answers to assignments? Then where did you go wrong? Didn’t they say a day will come when you’ll reap the fruits of education? How comes you’re the one eating the bitter herbs and fruits then, when you were the class representative and the A material?

In the middle of controlling your trembling voice and the obvious envy in your voice, you mutter that you’re job hunting, single, staying with your ‘kind and accommodating’ aunts. You haven’t had a meal and don’t have fare o go back home, let alone a VW Passat. You suspect you have some kind of diseases that you’re too scared to have it checked since it will literally cost you an arm and a leg (from the Mexican organ industry).

She’s rushing to pick her hubby from work. Would you like to meet up and catch up. Your schedule is clear till next year, so you agree.

Walking away you realize you need to get yourself some pair of socks to pull up. Your shoulders are drooping, your eyes are watering and your head will almost touch the pavement from a million and one unanswered questions. As you walk away you realize there are no two ways about it. You have to move to the other realm of the good life.

If you had all the money in the world; you’d build your mum the most beautiful house, pamper your dad, buy yourself a life partner, buy Mbi stuff she can destroy….and drive a VW Passat. All these is possible….


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4 thoughts on “of jealous and control

  1. hahahahah………………dont we all have this moment………….. but its life am sure our dreams will come true

    • I hope so…I really hope so…it’s so bad when the dream gets old and you have to go chase after the next one. Me thinks you should appreciate what you have NOW, right this moment

  2. If you had all the money in the world …you would buy yourself a life partner …ha ha ha

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